• The warehouse are equipped with forklift of various capacity, and each handle can weigh up till 35 tons (depends on size of cargo)

  • Lorry Deliveries & Distribution (10ft, 18ft, 24ft & 28ft with & without tailgate)

  • Crane services with certified lifting crews

Our sheltered warehouse is a dedicated facility designed for the storage and distribution of our products.

It serves as a crucial hub for managing inventory and ensuring efficient delivery.

The primary purpose of the warehouse is to facilitate the storage, organization, and movement from manufacturers or suppliers to customers, retailers, or other distribution channels.

Security: Given the nature of the products stored, security measures are crucial in our warehouse. It may include physical security measures such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, and alarm systems to safeguard against theft, unauthorized access, or damage to the electronic

Overall, your warehouse serves as a crucial link in the supply chain for electronics products, providing secure storage, efficient inventory management, and reliable distribution services.

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Stuffing & unstuffing of container

Crating & uncrating services

Cargo & container securing services (eg.Lashing & choking)

Crane services with certified lifting crews

Supply of manpower